What I'm Doing Here


I am here for a reason.

I am not an accident or a mistake

I am here to realize the potential and perfection of this self, and then to release it back to the source from which all selves come.   I am also here to contribute to others by assisting them to realize and release their magnificent selves.

One of my lessons is patience, to not hurry down this path of self-completion, but to realize that the journey itself is part of the goal and the Way.

It was not folly that led me to separate from Source.  The One could not know Itself completely without becoming Two.  While I miss the bliss of union, every moment of this life of separation is necessary and to be cherished.  Even the fear and the despair have poignant meaning and purposeful promise.  Every uncomfortable feeling is to be welcomed, embraced, and experienced.   God would have nothing less.

Unity births duality, and duality matures into unity.

I am part of the evolutionary process of consciousness waking up to itself in all of its forms, as it is doing through, and as, me.

I matter.    I am indispensable.   All That Is could not be all that It is without me.  It  breathed life into me, and I am a vital part of its over-flowing manifestation.