Tidbits, Humor, Paradox

Forgiving my mistakes is a surer way to heaven than striving for perfection.

As I release you from the prison of my judgment, I set myself free.

The best thing to do is to be.

The dilemma of the spiritual seeker: To seek  what already is.

If you are where you are, it doesn't matter where you are.

I am lonely for myself.

The way to realize my perfection is to see my imperfection as perfect.

True security arises when I am at ease with insecurity.

Everything is a choice. Except choice. That is a given.

You are responsible for everything, and nothing is your fault.

The shortest distance between two points is an open heart.

When I am with whatever is, I am with what always is.

I will get everything I want when I want everything I get.

The way to get there is to be here.

The thing I'd most like to change about myself is my desire to change myself.

Fear is fear's way of loving.

There isn't a pill as powerful as a thought.

Being sober is the best high

One thing I can't stand is intolerance.

Everything is perfect, including my inclination to perfect myself.

Resistance accepted is resistance transcended.

I just remembered that I'd forgotten to remember that I chose to forget.

Shutting up is shutting down.

Surrendering to everything includes surrendering to not surrendering.

If I am not lovable just the way I am, I am not lovable.    
If I am lovable, I am lovable just the way I am.

My humility is impressive.

The greatest journey is overcoming the distance between us.

Being in a relationship is like being in therapy.  Opportunities to face yourself are continually revealed.

Sink into your experience instead of slinking away from it

Only healthy egos can be transcended.  Unhealthy ones beg for attention.

Death is not extinction, but extension.

The mind is so dominant that we don't know that it is.

When we begin to recognize the emptiness of pleasure,
we will start to explore the pleasure of emptiness.

When I am absolutely certain I cannot die,
I will enjoy the excitement of pretending that I can.

Caution can keep you alive but kill your aliveness.

My judgment condemns me.

I've become more interested in getting out of my way than in being somebody.

In closing ourselves to the reality of death
we close ourselves to the possibilities of life

I cannot control whether or not you love me, but I can choose to love you.
When I do, I experience that love in myself and become lovable, and indeed, irresistible.

Feeling scared, instead of avoiding feeling scared, I am safe.
Feeling empty, instead of avoiding feeling empty, I am full.
Feeling lost, instead of avoiding feeling lost, I am found.
Feeling nothing, instead of avoiding feeling nothing, I am everything.