What's Wrong With "What's Wrong with you Therapy?"

When you spend an hour focusing on what's wrong with you, you reinforce the belief that something is.

When you take a moment to appreciate what's right about you, you validate what is, and has always been, right.

What's right about us may be deeper than what's wrong about us, which means: 1) it's true; and 2) you have to excavate to get there.

Feeling good about ourselves, while appealing, is threatening. It means surrendering the ego, letting go of despair, giving up victimhood, and releasing a negative identity that we've formed and to which we've become attached.

Focusing on what's good is not an avoidance of what's wrong. It's wise to admit your liabilities. But focusing on your issues and problems will convince you of their significance. You will come to believe that is who you are.

The truth is we don't have to work on ourselves so hard. Too often, that means working ourselves over.

When you realize the truth about your goodness, the illusion of your unworthiness will vanish naturally like the sun dispels the darkness.

You are O.K. As you notice that, it will expand effortlessly. I can see that part in you because I recognize that part in me.

It is our truth.